Medrad Centargo for Ipswich Hospital

Ipswich Hospital were one of the eight trusts nationally that installed a brand new Bayer Medrad Centargo CT injection system during its controlled commercial release in 2020.  Emma Smith, CT lead radiographer explains their early experience: “As a department our experience with Centargo has been exceptional from the very start. Having the opportunity to change to the multi-dosing pumps from our older single use pumps has changed the dynamics of the department indefinitely. As a result of the new pumps we have been able to decrease our appointment times to be more efficient and better meet the service needs. The protocol management (workflow solutions) side of things has been made very easy for me as a lead, and the training provided was efficient and covered all aspects. We use a range of protocols at Ipswich to support our service including split bolus exams and this is much easier now. The radiographers picked up the training very quickly and the general feedback since has been nothing but positive. We as a department look forward to a working future with Centargo and using our pumps to their full potential keeping workflow at its best.”

Picture: Ipswich Hospital’s Laura Witham, Georgia Legge, Lee Herrington, Ruth Tremayne, Adam Ghosh and Emma Smith.

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