Mobile for Berkshire

Radiography helper Tracy Goodchild with radiographer Fungai Makusha and lead MRI radiographer Michell Tissington at the console of a Philips Intera Mobile MRI scanner.


The Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading has expanded its MRI service with the acquisition of a mobile MRI unit to share the workload with two static scanners already in use.


They are all Philips scanners so staff required very little training to be able to transfer from the main department to the mobile unit.


The mobile was located at the Royal Berkshire Hospital for a three month period to set up procedures. The first community-based site is likely to be the West Berkshire Community Hospital near Newbury.


With a dramatic increase in the number of MRI referrals in recent years, the hospital needed to identify new capacity. In addition, some patients had to travel long distances to the Hospital, often in excess of a 30-minute drive.


Philips Intera Mobile MRI offers the same performance as a stationary system with SENSE parallel imaging for faster scanning.


The full report will be published on page 4 of the February 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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