Mobile mammo trial of Amulet systems concludes

Portsmouth superintendent radiographer Sue Saunders uses the FDR Amulet on board Fujifilm’s mobile breast screening unit.


A UK trial has concluded at the breast screening unit of Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust that evaluated the suitability of Fujifilm’s FDR Amulet full-field digital mammography system in mobile breast screening units.


Fujifilm refurbished an existing mobile breast screening unit and equipped it with an Amulet system.  It was installed in April 2011 and taken to a site in Gosport where an existing analogue mobile breast screening unit was situated.


The unit went live in May and approximately 124 women were invited for screening each day, with half being examined on the analogue unit and the other half on the Fujifilm unit.


Sue Saunders, superintendent radiographer for Portsmouth’s breast screening and symptomatic mammography services, said: “We found the Fujifilm mobile unit to be quicker and less physically demanding than our analogue suite.  Fujifilm provided comprehensive user training and an applications specialist helped us become familiar with the system.”


See the full report on page 7 of the November 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.



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