Molecular CT goes live at Manchester

Pictured with a Biograph mCT at Central Manchester Nuclear Medicine Centre are, from left, medical physicist Ian Armstrong, senior NM technician Vicky Boardman, consultant NM physician (PET lead) Dr Jackie James, senior NM technician (PET lead) Gill Davidson, senior NM technician Nicola Sandiford, consultant medical physicist Christine Tonge and senior medical physicist (PET lead) Dr Heather Williams.


Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is one of a few sites in the UK to use the Biograph mCT from Siemens Healthcare in routine clinical service.  The new concept scanner combines cutting-edge CT technology with HD/PET to provide detailed information about a patient’s disease state, including cell metabolism within tumours.


States Siemens: “The Biograph mCT is the world’s only PET system that offers a uniform 2mm image resolution throughout the entire field of view to significantly improve image quality.


“It can achieve five minute, whole-body PET scans and has a large bore and short tunnel for a more comfortable scanning experience for the patient.  Due to its dual functionality, the system can also be used as a combined molecular CT or as a standalone, high power CT scanner if required, saving the time, cost and space restrictions associated with multiple imaging installations.”


The Biograph mCT is installed in a dedicated imaging suite and is used in the management of cancer patients.  


See this report on page 8 of the May 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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