MRI’s in-bore experience is a winner at Grantham and District Hospital

Grantham and District Hospital, part of United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, has taken delivery of a Philips Ingenia Ambition X MRI system. During the equipment evaluation process, Compressed SENSE and the in-bore patient experience were the two main factors that led to the hospital choosing this system.

With the in-bore experience the hospital has already noted improvements in the patient experience. Fewer patients are displaying signs of anxiety, and the incidence of claustrophobia has decreased significantly. Superintendent MRI radiographer Christine Shaw said: “I’m selling the in-bore experience to everyone I meet. It’s brilliant.

“The purchase of the Ingenia Ambition X will allow us to scan at a higher standard and with greater efficiency. On behalf of the team I would like to thank Philips for the excellent training we’ve received, as well as the ongoing support following the installation and initial training.”

The Ingenia Ambition X performs MRI examinations up to 50 per cent faster with Compressed SENSE acceleration for all anatomies in both 2D and 3D scanning. Fast overall examination time is achieved by simplifying patient handling at the bore with the touchless guided patient set-up. The system delivers an MR experience designed to enhance patient comfort and compliance, with up to 80 per cent acoustic noise reduction, a comfortable table and an immersive audio-visual experience to guide them through the procedure. “The Ambition X offers unparalleled levels of clinical performance with superb cardiac imaging due to the stability of the BlueSeal magnet,” states Philips.

Grantham and District Hospital specialises in cardiac scanning, covering the whole of Lincolnshire, and of the 6,000 scans carried out each year 1,000 are cardiac scans.

Picture: MRI service lead Chris Bilton, clinical imaging assistant Maureen Shields and superintendent MRI radiographer Christine Shaw with senior MRI radiographers Shafeeq Sadaq and Steven Gibson.

Published on page 10 of the June 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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