MulitWave ultrasound aids breast lesion diagnosis

At the handover of the Aixplorer MultiWave ultrasound system is consultant radiologist and director of screening at Nottingham Breast Institute Dr Helen Burrell with SuperSonic Imagine’s clinical marketing manager Deborah Shedden.


Earlier this year, Nottingham Breast Institute installed the first UK Aixplorer MultiWave ultrasound system. 


The institute provides all outpatient services, with approximately 35,000 patients visiting it for diagnosis or treatment every year, while the Nottingham International Breast Education Centre is attended by over 60% of UK professionals involved in screening and symptomatic services.


The Aixplorer from SuperSonic Imagine, enables high performance imaging in busy clinical environments, while at the same time offering the capability to evaluate lesion stiffness, adding an extra layer of diagnostic information to the examination.


Consultant radiologist and director of screening Dr Helen Burrell commented: “We chose Aixplorer because of the high quality images, the ShearWave technology and because we find the machine very user-friendly – crucial to us in such a busy clinical service.”


See the full report on page 24 of the June 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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