New innovative solutions to minimise the spread of COVID-19 in radiation areas

Now more than ever it’s important for medical areas in hospitals, dental practices and veterinary practices to do everything possible to keep their buildings clean and free from infection.

The most common way in which COVID-19 is transmitted from person to person is generally through airborne droplets via coughing and sneezing, as well as through contact with contaminated surfaces. This is particularly worrying for medical facilities conducting x-rays – where human contact with equipment is prevalent.

To reduce the chance of infection, medical-related areas need to minimise the number of surfaces which patients and staff can come in contact with while ensuring the irreplaceable surfaces are clean and easy to wipe down with appropriate cleaning agents.

It goes without saying that the easier an item is to clean, the less chance there is of missing any potentially harmful particles present on the surface of the said item – whether that be dirt, dust or microbes such as bacteria and viruses.

With this in mind, leading radiation protection and x-ray safety experts, Raybloc, has used the past couple of months to develop some innovative solutions.

Raybloc’s game-changing range of radiation protection products

The new radiation protection product designs are better suited for a clean-room environment and have been specifically developed to meet the latest health technical memoranda (HTMs).

The new hygiene friendly designs are refreshingly modern in appearance, adding an aesthetically pleasing element to any clinical environment without compromising the full lead shielding capabilities of the products.

Unlike never before, the new model of Raybloc x-ray protective fixed screens features zero exposed fixings and a durable gloss coating from edge to face, while the frame that once enclosed the x-ray glass has been removed entirely to further reduce the number of edges on the screen.

Similar upgrades can be seen on Raybloc’s x-ray protective mobile screens, with the x-ray glass in situ now being entirely flush with the body of the mobile screen and a rounded top for a completely smooth edge.

All these upgrades help offer a minimal, wipe easy surface area; removing dust traps that would’ve been present in older generations of x-ray screens. These welcome additions will help medical facilities save time spent cleaning and reduce the chances of ‘missing a spot’ which could lead to contamination.

Raybloc x-ray protective door sets have been upgraded too. Like Raybloc’s mobile screens, the latest version of their protective doors features flush glazed vision panels. They work in perfect unison with their flush-mounted warning lights for an edgeless finished door leaf in any hygiene control area.

The managing director of Raybloc, Sean Haydon, said: “X-ray protection is an essential part of any medical facility that’s utilising radiation. However, with the new strains of coronavirus even more transmittable, it’s essential that medical facilities with high-risk areas, such as radiation departments, make the necessary equipment upgrades to protect staff and patients against COVID-19.”

“With our new entire range of hygienically optimised radiation protection products, we’re hoping to help medical facilities not only minimise the risks of radiation but to protect everyone against infection too.”

To learn more about Raybloc’s new range of radiation protection products, visit their website.

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