Novarad makes COVID-19 AI available for free download

Novarad has launched an AI Diagnostic Assistant to assist in the accurate diagnosis of COVID-19. In partnership with Intel Corporation, Novarad is offering free use of a diagnostic system that utilises an AI processing engine to detect COVID-19 from CT scans.

The algorithm can produce diagnostic results in seconds enabling clinicians to rapidly isolate and treat patients who are likely to have COVID-19. The report also provides information on the extent of lung involvement. By utilising Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, Novarad is able to provide the program to physicians around the world to triage, prioritise and isolate sick patients quickly and accurately. When COVID-19 is present in a patient with pulmonary symptoms Novarad says the algorithm has less than one per cent false negative detection rate.

Published on page 6 of the January 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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