Novel software predicts fracture risk from a standard DR image

Results of a clinical study demonstrate that IBEX Trueview software can accurately predict fracture risk from standard digital radiography, reports UK-based developer IBEX Innovations.

Trueview demonstrated high levels of sensitivity and specificity to non-normal bone health meaning it can be used to identify osteoporosis at an earlier stage in the care pathway.

The x-ray imaging software can help to predict a patient’s risk of a future fracture from x-rays that have already been taken, for instance following a minor accident, enabling targeted treatment to begin sooner. The software can be implemented on new and existing x-ray systems and it requires no additional scans or changes to operating protocols. It is designed to integrate seamlessly into a clinical workflow, with results available within seconds of capturing the digital radiograph.

Chief investigator for the study Professor Amar Rangan, professor of orthopaedic surgery at the University of York, commented: “When I came across the novel Trueview technology, I recognised that it has the potential to change the way in which we assess bone health and I was keen to formally test it in an independently funded study.

“The results from our study [published in the British Medical Journal] confirm that Trueview does indeed identify poor bone health. Current work is now focusing on how this new technology may work within current care pathways to get the right treatment to the right patients sooner.”

Chief technical officer Paul Scott stated: “IBEX Trueview software turns every compatible x-ray into an opportunity to screen for bone health. It has the potential to transform millions of lives and help to ease the financial burden of osteoporosis on the NHS. I am really encouraged by the results of this clinical study and am excited to see Trueview move one step closer to providing real benefits to patients and healthcare providers.”

Trueview software is being recognised and backed by a growing number of organisations and clinical professionals, and last year IBEX Innovations entered into a partnership with the Royal Osteoporosis Society.

Further studies are underway with Exeter University to confirm performance on patients undergoing routine wrist x-rays.

Picture: IBEX Innovations chief technical officer Paul Scott.

Published on page 4 of the April 2022 issue of RAD Magazine.

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