Online courses aim to optimise x-ray proficiency in veterinary practice

TBM Training has said that following the success of running its radiation protection supervisor (RPS) and laser protection supervisor (LPS) courses online during the COVID-19 pandemic, they will continue online. TBM has been running courses for veterinary practices for over seven years.

The RPS course is designed for those who are involved in the use of imaging and radiation for diagnosis and treatment of animals. It provides insight and learning
regarding the fundamentals of the safe use of ionising radiation and necessary controls and precautions.

Chameleon x-ray
The RPS course is designed to help veterinary practitioners take x-rays effectively.

The course aims to help the RPS ensure that x-ray images are being taken safely and correctly and that legal requirements are being met in the veterinary practice. If lasers are used in the practice, there should ideally be an LPS in post. TBM Training provides a dedicated course for those in veterinary practice who are involved in the use of class 3B and 4 laser system treatment of animals, to give an understanding of the physics of laser radiation, its interaction with tissue, guidance on the safe use of the laser and an understanding of the role of the LPS.

Director Natalie Thring said: “Taking x-ray images of animals can be particularly challenging and while procedures are generally safe we have come across some lingering bad habits. The RPS course is designed to help everyone in a veterinary practice involved with taking x-rays appreciate how to optimise imaging while minimising risks.”

Lead picture: Cat in a mousetrap container to restrain for a CT scan.

Published on page 7 of the November 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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