Online courses ensure CT skills are maintained and improved

Imaging Innovated is providing a series of interactive online CT courses to ensure continuing support for its customers.

The first of these, called Image Quality and Dose Optimisation, will be delivered in September and is intended to provide the skills and information to optimise  clinical practice and improve understanding of diagnostic quality and dose relationships in the patient examination. A wide range of CT examinations and protocols will be explored with the opportunity for extensive interactive discussion.

Specific content will include image and dose optimisation; CT radiation dose measures and recording; user selectable CT parameters and their influence; dose modulation methods; principles of x-ray absorption in tissues and image formation; and appropriate use of image reconstruction algorithms.

Registration is via the Imaging Innovated website. The course will be conducted using Zoom meetings and supplementary course content will be provided via the members’ portal on the website.

Published on page 19 of the July 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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