Open MRI Lego model could help anxious patients

Submitted by Apollo Exconde, senior MRI radiographer

Apollo Exconde meets a Lego friend.

The Lego Open MRI idea was created with kids, anxious and plus-sized patients in mind.  It was designed so that interaction with it can take place while explaining the procedure to the patient in the MRI unit or in referrer’s office.

The mini figure of a Lego man will be positioned so the patient will understand how they will be positioned when being scanned, such as how far their head will go into the machine.

My design appears in the product ideas section on the Lego website and needs help to share and support it, to add your support click here.

If the product idea reaches 10,000 supporters it will be considered for manufacture as an official Lego product.

See the full report on page 6 of the February 2019 issue of RAD Magazine.

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