Optima box connects mobile units securely

In 2015 Deos Consultancy Limited and WH Bence embarked on a joint venture to overhaul the way mobile medical units transfer sensitive personal data. The government-funded project via Innovate UK has culminated in a tried and tested method of information delivery that is efficient and financially beneficial.

An historical issue with mobile trailers is the transfer of images and data. At the end of the day paperwork and hard drives are packaged to be taken back to the hospital. In addition, paperwork must be kept with the images for reporting, resulting in an inefficient way of interpreting the information. The way to overcome this hurdle is to send images and client information electronically, reducing the security risk and reducing reporting times considerably.

Deos and WH Bence have developed, built and tested the Optima system to meet the requirements of current screening services. The Deos Optima box is installed on the mobile unit providing connection via 4G or satellite to the hospital network. Images can be sent to any PACS in as little as two minutes, and reports can be turned around quickly.

Viv Barrett of Deos says: “The success of the Optima project was achieved via funding from Innovate UK. We can develop it further with expansion into wider medical screening requirements.”

Picture: Deos and WH Bence have created the Optima box to aid reporting of images taken via mobile screening.

Published on page 14 of the May 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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