PETCT closer to home

Siemens Healthcare’s Biograph 6 Truepoint PETCT system.


InHealth has completed the final installation of four Siemens Healthcare Biograph 6 TruePoint PETCT systems into mobile vehicles.


The vehicles visit 12 locations across five strategic health authorities in the South of England, serving 11 cancer care networks and integrating with clinical pathways.


Biograph 6 TruePoint PETCT combines metabolic and anatomical information in one examination for quicker diagnosis and precise localisation of various cancers.


“By bringing these systems closer to the community we can reduce travel requirements for patients undergoing cancer scans,” said Jonathan Gifford, operations director at InHealth.  “The fourth Biograph installation has strengthened our services independent sector partner for the NHS PETCT diagnostic imaging service in the south of England.”


A full report will be published on page 20 of the April 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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