Phantom boosts confidence in IMRT delivery at RMH

Royal Marsden Hospital physics QA lead Rollo Moore with Vertec product specialist David White.

Royal Marsden Hospital, London, has received a Dose.Point RT-smart IMRT cylinder phantom supplied by Vertec Scientific.

Physics QA lead Rollo Moore said: “One type of IMRT that is delivered at RMH Fulham Road is volumetric arc therapy, which uses clinical isocentric linear accelerators to produce conformal and selective distributions of therapy x-ray dose within the patient body.  In order to gain confidence in the delivery technique or to evaluate the specific patient therapy plan delivery we can use an array of ionisation detectors or a film in this simple, reliable, versatile and economical phantom.  It has a direct method of mechanical connection to the linac gantry, with a carbon fibre frame and rod and hook-and-eye fabric.”

Moore continued: “The phantom is also configurable for field light checks and other isocentric quality assurance tests, but it is particularly useful as it permits comparison of array measurements with previously calculated distributions as if the gantry was static, thus obviating any correction for array angle.”

See the full report on page 8 of the July 2016 issue of RAD Magazine.

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