Philips and Disney team up to improve MRI experience for children

Royal Philips and The Walt Disney Company EMEA are teaming up to test the effects of custom-made animation, including specially-made Disney stories, within the Philips Ambient Experience. Through the integration of architecture, design and technologies such as dynamic lighting, video projections and sound, Ambient Experience allows patients and staff to personalise the environment to create a relaxing atmosphere.

The clinical research project will commence this summer in six hospitals across Europe and the results of the pilot project will be completed later this year. It is said to be the first time Disney has collaborated as part of a clinical research project of this kind.

Philips will investigate how using animated stories including some of Disney’s most beloved characters can improve the patient and clinician experience during paediatric MRI procedures. Ambient Experience will render six pieces of original Disney animation created by Disney animators for use in hospitals with clinical guidance from Philips, in order to reduce the anxiety often felt by children during the MRI process. Characters such as Mickey Mouse, Ariel, Marvel’s Avengers and Star Wars’ Yoda will come together in a diagnostic setting for the first time.


“I have seen first-hand that MR scans can be intimidating for children and I like how focused Philips is on the patient experience,” said Walt Disney Company EMEA president Jan Koeppen. “At Disney, we look forward to complementing Philips’ MRI experience with our stories and characters. We are excited to see the results of the clinical research and to quantify the impact our characters can have in this environment.”


In a recent study carried out by the New Economics Foundation, it was identified that in addition to creating a positive experience, the well-known Disney characters help build trust for children in anxious circumstances. The research also identified that, through Disney’s storytelling and characters, it can inspire and create positive feelings, experiences and memories helping children and young people to cope where and when they need it most.

Pictures:  Ariel, Yoda and Mickey Mouse are among the Disney characters that will be helping make MR scans less daunting for young patients.

Published on page 7 of the April 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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