Pontefract’s reliable DR room still in service 12 years on

In 2010, Pontefract Hospital, part of the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, was the first hospital in the UK to install the Carestream DRX-Evolution room. Nearly 12 years later, with over 113 patients daily and 496,501 exposures, the room is still in use. Supplier of diagnostic imaging products Medray says this demonstrates the capability and reliability of the equipment, and that it can handle large volumes of patient traffic.

The recent installation of a DRX-Revolution with Lux 35 glass-free detector and two DRX-Evolution Plus rooms, with the additional licensing of bone suppression (for PA chest) and tube and line visualisation software, allows the department to enhance the visibility of soft tissue. This is a key requirement given the area’s strong mining heritage.

Picture: In the hospital radiology department are radiographers Kerry Prout, Georgia Thompson, Katie Evans, Christine Wright, Alison Walker, Louise Hutton, Ruth Henshaw and Sharon Boyd.

Published on page 2 of the December 2022 issue of RAD Magazine.

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