Portable systems assist operations in India

Surgeons for Healing Little Hearts.

Surgical teams from the UK-based charity Healing Little Hearts are using point-of-care ultrasound to help accelerate recovery and improve outcomes for paediatric patients with congenital heart defects.  The charity provides heart operations to babies and children across India who would not otherwise have access to treatment, as well as helping to develop local paediatric surgical programmes.

Paediatric cardiac anaesthetist Dr Sanaulla Syed said: “When travelling to India with Healing Little Hearts, UK surgical teams are keen to maintain the same high standards we have in the NHS, and so we are grateful for SonoSite’s ongoing support in providing point-of-care ultrasound systems such as the NanoMaxx that we can take with us.  Local surgical teams have been very interested in this approach and, with some guidance from visiting teams, have begun to adopt the same practices in their own procedures.”

See the full report on page 14 of the August 2016 issue of RAD Magazine.

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