Remote scanning could expand availability of workforce says Medispace

Medispace is a provider of fully equipped MRI/CT units, providing both trailer, modular and hybrid units for hospitals and private clinics. The company also provides staffing services.

“We want to be the supplier, of choice, for diagnostic solutions with added value and innovative solutions,” the company states.

“Hospitals and clinics are continuously requesting Medispace to provide units and related services.

“In the upcoming years, we will expand our fleet with more high-end systems.

“Not only that but also the imaging workforce will need to be expanded but how?

“We should start to think out of the box and use technology that is available,” Medispace adds.

Radiologists are already using artificial intelligence (AI) for diagnostics. For radiographers there is also technology available, Siemens syngo Virtual Cockpit, that could assist them. Medispace will implement this technology on all its units in the upcoming months.

This will enable radiographers to be supported in making MRI and CT scans from a central location.

“In the future, we could even think of using trained healthcare assistants to position the patients on imaging equipment and the actual scanning can then be done remotely by a senior radiographer,” says the company.

Medispace says it has already tested this software and it shows that a senior radiographer can operate three scanners at one time. “We are ready for it, but will there be an acceptance on national, regional and or local level scale? the company asks.

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