Rental units help hospitals tackle the COVID-19 backlog

Hospitals have been busy rescheduling patients who were unable to receive tests due to COVID-19 restrictions. Probo Medical recognises that short and long-term rental units would assist hospitals by allowing them to pay only for what they needed, rather than purchasing a new unit, sending patients elsewhere or scheduling them for months ahead.

The rentals team at Probo Medical has recently completed its first MRI pod. The bespoke healthcare trailer was fitted with a Siemens Healthineers Magnetom Aera MRI. The 48-channel system was housed in the freestanding relocatable clinical environment. The unit is fully self-contained with redundant chillers (primary and secondary), separate technology, control and operator areas, including a separate changing room for patients. It has complete sets of coils including a 32-channel spine, Tx-Rx knee coil, ankle/foot, breast, head and neck, and four flex body coils. The unit arrived on site with a levelling hydraulic lift, so a crane was not required for unloading, and is designed to be fully operational following delivery.

Picture: The MRI pod is designed to be fully operational on arrival.

Published on page 22 of the March 2022 issue of RAD Magazine.

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