Royal Glamorgan uses spectral imaging to reduce metal artefacts

GE Healthcare imaging account manager Nicki Jones, consultant radiologists Dr Tim Pearce and Dr Grant Griffiths, radiographer Amber Harris, CT superintendent Helen Hennon, radiographers Rachel Palmer and Charles Mowbray with GE Healthcare product specialist Kim Owen.

Royal Glamorgan Hospital has taken delivery of two GE Healthcare Revolution CT scanners designed to bring benefits across all clinical areas by converging coverage, spatial resolution, temporal resolution and spectral imaging in one system.

Consultant radiologist Dr Tim Pearce said: “The Revolution CT is a versatile scanner, capable of scanning patients at an impressive speed with high image quality. This has produced excellent results in terms of vessel opacification in angiographic studies and a marked reduction in motion artefact. The 16cm detector array allows for single rotation cardiac scanning with excellent temporal resolution.

“The option to scan using spectral imaging technology can create additional diagnostic information as well as reduce image artefacts, resulting in greater diagnostic confidence.”

See the full report on page 29 of the June 2018 issue of RAD Magazine.


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