Royal Oldham finds compact FDR nano easy to manoeuvre around neonatal ICU

Royal Oldham Hospital in Greater Manchester has added two Fujifilm mobiles to its radiology fleet. The new generation FDR Go Plus and the FDR nano joined an older FDR Go model, which has delivered such reliable service that the hospital chose the system again.

“Our existing FDR Go mobile is robust and meets our needs,” said clinical department manager Kaye Brown. “We find Fujifilm equipment very easy to use and the operating systems are fast.

“We’ve had great previous experience with Fujifilm, both in terms of service and product reliability and we feel they offer good value, so the decision was easy. The new mobiles have lived up to all expectations and have helped us increase our efficiency. We have also found that the Virtual Grid on the FDR Go Plus has allowed us to reduce dose significantly.”

Brown continued: “The FDR nano has made a big impact, especially on our neonatal ICU. Because it’s so lightweight and manoeuvrable, it allows us to get around the unit easily. We perform approximately six mobile examinations a day in the NICU, and we are now able to go between patients producing images far quicker than we could with CR.” The size of the FDR nano allows staff to pass through gaps without having to move obstacles, improving efficiency.

“The images from the FDR nano are very high quality, and the fully flexible and rotating console screen allows doctors to view the images with ease,” added Brown. “Our consultant paediatric radiologist describes the images as very high quality, providing exceptional visability of all lines and catheters.”

Fujifilm product manager for digital modalities Adam Chapman explained that the FDR nano is a popular choice of mobile for paediatric departments. Its ultra compact design works well in NICUs where space between incubators is often tight. The small C24 detector is compatible with incubator trays and the Hydro AG anti- bacterial coating contributes to better infection control

Picture: Fujifilm account manager Justin Burns, senior radiographer Malihe Ahmadi, clinical department manager Kaye Brown and Fujifilm senior account manager John Casson.

Published on page 2 of the June 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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