Salisbury invests in improved wheelchair access

Philips account manager Gary Bailey joins project manager Cath Sellwood, consultant radiologist Dr Andy Morris, superintendent radiographer Miles Woodford, Philips district general manager Rob Davies and radiographer Alison Dean.


Salisbury District Hospital has installed a Philips direct radiography system for use in a dedicated spinal X-ray and general purpose facility. It consists of a DigitalDiagnost with dual detector and VM extension, plus tomography and automatic image stitching for whole spines and legs.  Also included is QA and reject analysis software.      


Commented superintendent radiographer Miles Woodford: “The system allows a complete radiographic survey of spinal cord injured patients without further patient movement once transferred to the table.   The wide range of table movement, coupled with the high weight limits, permit bariatric patients a full examination.  


“The whole spine stitching programme has taken our scoliosis survey to a new level with marked image improvement and with lower doses to this often young age group.


“The table lowers to the level of a wheelchair and many of our spinal cord injured patients can now self-transfer.   They are delighted by the facility of AP and lateral projections without further patient movement.”


See the full report on page 10 of the October 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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