Sarcoma patients benefit from wide FOV

Toshiba Medical account manager Colin Pellow, pre-treatment team leader Sarah Knight, therapy radiographer Grant Bennett, assistant practitioner Katy Cooper, therapy radiographers Rosanna Langworthy and Graham Cone, Toshiba Medical CT senior applications specialist Andrew Watson and professional head of radiotherapy Jemma Chapman.

The radiotherapy department at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge has replaced an aged CT scanner with a Toshiba Medical Aquilion-LB dedicated radiotherapy system with Varian RGSC respiratory gating.

The trust already has a first generation Toshiba Aquilion-LB system with Varian RPM respiratory gating and the scanner complements the existing system’s radiotherapy planning service, bringing new Toshiba technologies including faster image reconstruction, AIDR-3D for lower dose scans and SEMAR reconstruction for clear prostate and bladder imaging when prosthetic hip implants are commonly present.

Professional head of radiotherapy Jemma Chapman said: “It was important to us to have a scanned extended field-of-view as our practice includes sarcoma patients and we need accurate skin contour and Hounsfield unit value to the edge of the scan.”

See the full report on page 4 of the November 2017 issue of RAD Magazine.

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