Screening room reduces manual handling

At Walsall Hospital are consultant radiologist Dr Louise Holland, specialist radiographer – fluoroscopy Susan White, clinical director Dr Hari Rai, Philips Healthcare district general manager, central and west, Rob Davies, fluoroscopy lead (now retired) Helen Boyd and consultant radiologist Dr Dibuseng Ramena.


Walsall Hospital has recently installed a Philips MultiDiagnost Eleva fluoroscopy system with remote controlled C-arm. 


Superintendent radiographer Vanessa Palmer said: “The hospital chose the Philips screening room because it is patient and user friendly.  It has cut out manual handling by radiographers – when a patient attends now, the detector can be moved around the patient so that it is no longer necessary for staff to ask the patient to struggle moving on the table.


 “The consultant radiologists are very pleased with the remote console that allows them to be close to the patient while carrying out examinations such as barium swallows.” 


See the full report on page 6 of the November 2011 issue of RAD Magazine. 


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