Setting the standards for ultrasound maintenance

Mi Healthcare, a leading multi-vendor provider of Tier 2 Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Maintenance, working with provider organisations for more than 25 years across all modalities of equipment are seeing a real upsurge in the demand for ultrasound maintenance.

As an established ultrasound maintenance provider, covering all makes and models of machines, Mi Healthcare have seen a threefold increase in their provision through the last year and continue to foresee real growth across their customer base.

The business has invested in its ultrasound offering over the last three years and today the ultrasound division is headed up by a dedicated ultrasound service manager, Gary Fraser, with a team of seven engineers.

Gary Fraser
Ultrasound service manager Gary Fraser.

Our customer base is UK-wide, from NHS Scotland health boards in the north to the south coast (Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust). Our engineers are similarly based across Scotland, north and southern England. And all customers in the UK can be reached within four hours as part of our standard SLA response times.

We can provide both new and refurbished OEM spares and probes, often at a cost considerably lower than the OEM.

Our maintenance contracts routinely include standard loan probes to ensure a replacement loan probe within 24 hours to maintain service while the incumbent probe assessment is undertaken.

Mi Healthcare also have a comprehensive range of modern ultrasound units which can be delivered to site within 24 hours should any off-site repairs be required; these units are from a variety of manufacturers ensuring continuity of equipment and minimising the need for additional applications training.

In addition to short term loan of ultrasound equipment, Mi Healthcare also provide longer term loan arrangements where procurement decisions are being made so that capacity is maintained whilst those choices are made.

In addition to outstanding operational delivery Mi Healthcare also offer an innovative approach to maintenance contracts through their unique Mi Guarantee model which offers risk free opportunities for savings often between 30-40% relative to OEM providers, something to keep directors of finance happy, as we focus on your service delivery!

If you feel you would benefit from a fresh look at how your ultrasound equipment fleet is expertly and professionally supported by an experienced team focused on ensuring patients are cared for in a high quality and timely way, as well as delivering great value for money and savings opportunities, please email for an initial discussion on how we can build a partnership and work together.

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