Spire Hartswood chooses dual image processing to reduce waiting

Fujifilm applications specialist Diane Medley, Spire Hartswood imaging manager Magda Coetzee, senior radiographer Gurpreet Rooprai, imaging administrator Christine Bannister and Fujifilm senior account manager Iain Sims.

Spire Hartswood Hospital in Essex has chosen a dual radiology image processing solution for its busy x-ray department that meets a number of specific needs.  “One of our main objectives was to reduce the risk of service interruption,” said imaging manager Magda Coetzee.  Fujifilm’s solution was to install a Retrofit and D-Evo II DR detector in one room, and a Capsula XL CR reader in the viewing area that is used for the second x-ray room and mobiles.

“A dual solution would also reduce the waiting time as we can now examine and process two patients simultaneously,” Coetzee continued.  “In addition, we wanted to offer a new long-view service that was portable and could be used in either room, and we also wanted improved imaged quality and reduced dose.”

See the full report on page 5 of the February 2019 issue of RAD Magazine.

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