Spire increases medical disk publishing capability

Spire Healthcare Group has added to its installations of Codonics Virtua medical disk publisher units with new arrivals at Spire Portsmouth Hospital and Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital.  The private hospital group now has 28 Codonics Virtua E units installed and maintained by Hospital Services Limited (HSL).

With a compact design and small footprint the Virtua units are located in a variety of service areas, from MRI or CT control rooms to x-ray or reporting rooms. The units feature a tabletop 15″ touch screen, an advanced processor that seamlessly receives and manages studies, and a robotic disk recorder/inkjet printer that labels disks to the user’s specification.

At Spire Tunbridge Wells the unit is sited in a confined space in the x-ray control room and, using Carestream PACS, handles images and reports from seven modalities including DR, ultrasound, digital fluoroscopy, CT, MRI and mammography.

Spire’s onsite radiology manager Bahram Gilani said: “We upgraded our medical disk publisher unit to the Codonics unit because we needed high quality, encrypted disks to meet current regulations.  We have found the system simple to use, reliable and intuitive to operate.” 

One of three models available, Virtua E has 40GB of data storage and is capable of producing 25 CDs or 10 DVDs an hour, handling HL7 and DICOM structured reports and matching patient studies to record both on the same disk without operator intervention.

Photo: The compact installation of the Codonics Virtua E disk publisher at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

Published on page 22 of the March 2019 issue of RAD Magazine.

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