Sports sciences school expects bone densitometry system to become a pivotal part of practice

Pictured are Human Performance Unit (HPU) sports scientist Kelly Murray, SRES technician Jayne Suddaby, HPU manager Chris McManus, SRES lecturer (physiotherapy) Victor Utti, SRES lecturer (sports and exercise science) Kate Reed, HPU sports scientist Joe Barker and SRES lecturer (sports and exercise science) Matt Taylor.

The School of Sport, Rehabilitation and Exercise Sciences (SRES) at the University of Essex has installed a Hologic W DXA system supplied by Vertec Scientific.

McManus said: “The DXA will become a pivotal piece of equipment within the SRES and HPU.  Its use will span three primary channels, including research within an athletic and clinical population; teaching for undergraduate degrees in sports and exercise science, sports performance and coaching, sports therapy and physiotherapy; and providing a service for athletes to undergo body composition assessments to the highest level of accuracy.

“We are delighted to have acquired this equipment and look forward to collaborating with a number of internal and external academics and practitioners.”

Read the full report on page 7 of the November 2018 issue of RAD Magazine.

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