Thales’ radiology strategy and innovations are evolving

At the occasion of RSNA 2020, Thales is launching its new x-ray detectors for radiography and fluoroscopy as well as introducing its innovative strategy for healthcare. You are kindly invited to join two webinars concerning each of these topics!

Pixium Portable EZ2 HD: a new family of portable detectors for radiography

The Pixium Portable EZ2 HD will be available in 3 sizes and will offer high performances and added value features such as a small pixel pitch, IPX6 and NFC. Connect to this webinar to discover more!

Pixium Portable EZ2 HD

Pixium RF 4343 F5: the most advanced fluoroscopy detector on the market

The new Pixium RF 4343 F5 for fluoroscopy is offering added value innovations with increased speed up to 150 frames per second, 10 Gbit Ethernet and cold start. This product will allow all decisive applications from radiography to fluoroscopy and angiography. Discover it here!

Pixium RF 4343 F5

From components to global solutions

Our expertise in radiology components from x-ray detection to carbon nanotubes sources is leading us to develop additional disruptive solutions. Thales Connected Radiology as well as our new AI solution for COVID-19 are paving the way to new Thales Digital approach of healthcare. Visit our virtual booth to see our complete portfolio of solutions for radiology.

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