The complete MRI examination room LED lighting solution

Mile End Hospital consistently seeks out new and innovative ways to improve patient experiences. One area that it has focused on is ensuring each patient has a relaxing and calming experience when undergoing an MR scan. The experience of an MR scan can prove daunting and frightening for many and that is the reason why Mile End Hospital opted to invest in the Silentlite LED lighting system from European EMC Products Limited (EEP).

The hospital wanted to install a new RF shielded room for a new MRI scanner and as part of the installation, the aim was to ensure that each patient would have a calmer and more serene experience. This is where the Silentlite LED lighting system was considered to be a feasible solution.

The Silentlite LED lighting system

EEP worked closely with Inigo Contract Services Limited to assist with the project. This innovative solution is designed to create a relaxed environment in MRI rooms. The system is installed with an input and output RF filtration which means that no additional power filters are required.

Together, Inigo and EEP worked collaboratively to plan and execute the project, delivering a fully working system that transforms the look and feel of the MRI room at Mile End Hospital. The hospital also wanted to ensure that it installed a solution that was environmentally friendly. The Silentlite LED lighting system consumes just 25% of the power of typical halogen MRI lighting.

The project also involved the installation of a brand new RF shielded room for a new MRI scanner. It also included the installation of a full quench pipe from the MRI machine and magnetic shielding to the surrounding areas.

New MRI RF shielded roomKeeping patients calm during their scan has always proved a challenge. As MRI scans are an integral part of a number of treatments, it is imperative that they take place, but they can leave people feeling anxious and stressed. However, the installation of an eight LED Silentlite system with six LED virtual skylites helped to create an environment that is designed to leave patients feeling at ease.

Mile End Hospital determined that the patient journey would benefit from this system and with the virtual skylights installed, it had the scope to select from thousands of images that can then be displayed on the ceiling. The virtual skylite will have a significant impact on the overall experience for each patient and as Mile End Hospital chose a cloud image, it will encourage a feeling of calm.

The overall installation of the RF shielded room and the Silentlite LED lighting system went to plan and was completed efficiently and in line with the requirements of the client. All of this was well received by Mile End Hospital as it can now deliver a unique experience for patients at a time when they might be feeling slightly uneasy about their scan.

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