The London Clinic introduces OncoSil treatment for pancreatic cancer

Independent hospital and charity The London Clinic says it is the first independent hospital in the UK to employ OncoSil, said to be a breakthrough new treatment for pancreatic cancer.

OncoSil is a single use brachytherapy device that delivers a pre-determined dose of beta radiation directly into cancerous tissue. It is used in combination with chemotherapy to treat patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer.

OncoSil implantation is an outpatient procedure that takes around 60 minutes. Dr Zarni Win is consultant radiologist and nuclear medicine physician at the clinic in Harley Street. He said: “I am particularly excited about this new therapy, as it now offers a much higher chance for pancreatic cancer patients with locally advanced disease to undergo curative surgery following OncoSil therapy, compared to a pessimistic outcome with conventional treatment.”

Picture: OncoSil reduction of tumour. Picture courtesy Dr Berry Allen 2021.

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