The UK’s first Excelart at Solihull

Consultant radiologist MRI Dr Paul Crowe with superintendent radiographer and MRI lead Mr Rakesh Puni, ceo Dr Mark Goldman and clinical director of radiology Dr Lowri Morus.


The first Toshiba Excelart Vantage powered by Atlas 1.5T MRI system was opened earlier this year at Solihull Hospital, part of the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust.  


Design features include an integrated coil concept that allows clinicians to perform multiple examinations without repositioning the patient.


The system has an optional 205cm acquisition range that allows for feet-first imaging for the entire body, up to the thoracic spine, thereby keeping the patient’s head out of the bore for many more applications.  The ultra-short, ultra-wide bore has adjustable lighting and ventilation through the bore and patented Pianissimo technology dramatically reduces acoustic noise. 


Superintendent and MRI lead radiographer Rakesh Puni says: “We are getting excellent images from the new system and, with the huge choice of sequences, we are still in a learning curve.  However, we particularly like JET, which is a motion suppression sequence that compensates for patient motion.”


See the full report on page 12 of the November 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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