Training course now in its 10th year

Operation manager Andrew Mullen (fourth from right ) takes the technicians through the Xstahl 100 superficial radiotherapy system.


The Gulmay Medical technical training course is now entering its 10th year and its popularity has spread throughout the world. The course was initially conceived to offer training to hospital staff in the UK. This allowed them to carry out routine maintenance on orthovoltage and superficial radiation therapy machines.


Since relocating to their brand new state-of-the-art facility in Birmingham, Gulmay Medical has extended the course and invite engineers from all over the world. The course covers maintenance of Gulmay Medical x-ray therapy units and Pantak Therapax systems.


Operation Manager Andrew Mullen has been teaching the course for its entire 10 year history. “When we started, the challenge was to be able to teach people of differing technical backgrounds. The course has now had to evolve to accommodate people with a wide variety of languages and cultures.


“Since Gulmay Medical took on the Pantak Therapax line, we feel it is important to offer training on these systems as well. Even though the Therapax machines are at the end of their life, we feel it’s important to support them.”


See the full report on page 9 of the May 2009 issue of RAD Magazine

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