Transport system reduces patient handling at Norfolk hospital

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has installed a Symphony Patient Transport System and reports that it has minimised the risk of manual handling injuries through a low friction air bearing to transition patients from one modality to another, requiring only two members of staff. The system has also improved patient comfort and maximised workflow efficiencies.

“We use the Symphony for all of our cervical brachytherapy patients and it has definitely improved the quality of care that we provide to our patients,” said Macmillan consultant radiographer (brachytherapy) Katie Cooper.

“The Symphony has enabled us to significantly reduce the number of transfers required per patient, reducing the associated pain. It has also minimised applicator movement, improving the planning and treatment reproducibility.”

The Symphony has been developed by Qfix to aid in the set-up, positioning and transfer of patients for imaging, external beam radiotherapy, brachytherapy and other procedures requiring patient transfers. With motorised height adjustment, including a memory function, the Symphony will align with all imaging and treatment tables. A steering and braking system and ergonomic trolley handles allow the system to be manoeuvred comfortably through hallways and doorways.

The system is low or non-artefacting and is available from Oncology Imaging Systems in the UK and Ireland.

Picture: Pictured prior to COVID-19 restrictions are Macmillan consultant radiographer (brachytherapy) Katie Cooper and Qfix manufacturing technology manager Buddy Ports.

Published on page 17 of the February 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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