OpenRad Cloud offers 24/7 remote accessibility

The 100% cloud-native solution called OpenRad Cloud, by Biotronics3D, has been developed to make image transfer and diagnostic processes faster across multiple organisations in order to maximise reporting productivity.

With OpenRad Cloud, users can access an advanced and rapid reporting platform based on a feature-rich PACS. It is accessible remotely 24/7 via any device connected to the internet.

OpenRad Cloud enables the easy management of complex reporting workflows across multiple sites, legal entities and system boundaries as well as providing access to individual reporters, the company says.

The SaaS (software as a service) solution provides a fully digital end-to-end teleradiology workflow. It allows imaging centres, hospitals, clinics and trailers with mobile scanning devices to leverage remote radiologists in order to speed up the diagnostic process.

OpenRad Cloud comes with advanced 3D visualisation, a teleradiology module, patient and referrer portal. It also has features such as intelligent enterprise worklist, contract management, consultant scheduling, peer review, speech recognition and AI integration.

Do you want to know more about OpenRad Cloud? OpenRad will be exhibiting to delegates attending the UK Imaging and Oncology Congress (UKIO) in Liverpool, June 5-7, 2023. Visit OpenRad at booth B17, or register now for a demo via

Picture: OpenRad Cloud users can access a rapid reporting platform based on a feature-rich PACS.

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