Vascular upgrade for Sunderland Royal

Consultant radiologist Dr Simon England and Philips regional sales specialist Greg Webster join staff nurse Shirley Butler, senior radiographer Julie Pannett, auxiliary nurse Jean Rogers, consultant radiologist Dr Dougal Brown, senior radiographers Linda Wilson and Marni Milmore, staff nurse Kate Arkle and senior radiographer Kate McIntyre.


Sunderland Royal Hospital has replaced an HD5000 vascular system with a Philips state-of-the-art system.  The Allura Xper FD20 comes with an array of software packages, including Xper CT, Xper Guide and 3D rotational angiography.


Deputy imaging services manager John Parker explained: “We selected Philips again primarily for its image quality and the host of features on the system, plus, we receive excellent support from Philips.   And as we have other Philips systems in the department, training on the new system was faster and simpler.”


The Allura Xper FD20 offers open architecture and has a highly flexible flat detector system able to handle the full spectrum of interventional radiology procedures.


Says Philips: “Xper CT brings soft tissue imaging to the angio suite for pre- and post-evaluation.  The physician can access CT-like imaging on the angio system so that they can assess soft tissue, bone structures and other body structures before, during or after an interventional procedure.”


See the full report on page 12 of the June 2010 issue or RAD Magazine.

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