West Berkshire breast screening service chooses platform with good penetration

Canon Medical Systems ultrasound applications specialist Lisa Wright and ultrasound sales account manager Iain Dunn, West Berkshire Breast Screening Service clinical director Dr Elizabeth Cave, consultant radiographer Amanda Melhuish, breast screening specialist nurse Carolyn Denham, and consultant radiologist Dr Marjon Bell.

West Berkshire Breast Screening Service has acquired an Aplio i700 series ultrasound system with a 1205 Bx linear matrix array transducer.  The first Canon Medical Systems ultrasound scanner to be installed at the breast service clinic, it offers leading-edge technology including elastography software.

Clinical director Dr Elizabeth Cave said: “We selected the system for its excellent image quality, especially its penetration and easy visibility of all structures, both superficial and deep.  The probe is easy to use and we have all the functions on the one probe.  In addition to breast imaging, it is also excellent for vascular studies and can be used for other imaging, if needed, but this is less of a consideration as it is so well utilised and needed by the breast imaging service.”

Read the full report on page 23 of the September 2018 issue of RAD Magazine.

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