Wide bore replicates linac treatment angle

At the Mount Vernon Cancer Centre are therapy radiographer Julian Kumah, radiographer Hong Tam, Toshiba Medical Systems account executive CT, XR, MRI and PACS Stephen Whale, clinical scientist Angela Turnball, therapy radiographer Rhydian Powell, radiotherapy physicist Rushil Patel, radiographer Carolyn Minerve and superintendent radiographers Tracey Slatter and Fran Mulqueeny.

The Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, in Middlesex has purchased a Toshiba Aquilion LB CT scanner.  The centre currently treats over 5,000 new patients annually with radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

The Aquilion LB has been designed specifically for oncology and comes with a large bore for easy patient positioning and maximum flexibility for treatment planning, as its gantry aperture of 90cm removes historic positioning restrictions apparent in standard bore systems, and its large scan field of 70cm is said to cover more anatomy with greater accuracy.    Mount Vernon will be using the scanner in radiotherapy planning for brachytherapy, head and neck, 4D gated lung and breast treatment.

Deputy service manager Damu Shah said: “The 90cm bore is the largest on the market and it enables us to scan patients on a breast board tilted up to 25 degrees, which replicates the angle of treatment on the linear accelerator.”

See the full report on page 22 of the September 2012 issue of RAD Magazine.

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