Workshop enlightens clinicians across Africa

Pictured in Durban with a RapidArc are workshop attendees.

Clinicians from across Africa attended a week-long workshop sponsored by Varian Medical Systems where image-guided RapidArc IMRT technology was the focus of discussion.

Doctors and decision makers from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya and Angola gathered at Addington Hospital in Durban, which has treated 250 patients with RapidArc since becoming the first public hospital in Africa to use this radiotherapy technique in 2010.

“Our experience has demonstrated the major benefits of RapidArc compared to conventional radiation therapy in terms of patient satisfaction, treatment delivery and outcomes,” said head of radiation oncology Professor Amo Jordaan. “We were delighted to host this event introducing RapidArc to many of our colleagues and sharing our experiences.”

See the full report on page 24 of the June 2012 issue of RAD Magazine.

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