World class radiopharmacy facility installed at Bart’s

At Bart’s new radiopharmacy are senior technician Ahmad Meeri, Skanska senior project manager Donnacha Carroll, radiopharmacy QA lead Russell Soanes, head of radiopharmacy Dr Neil Hartman, radiopharmacy technician Braveen Vigneswaran, Skanska operations manager Graham Ashley and radiopharmacy technician Tommy Balogun

Skanska UK plc has designed and constructed a large new 169m2 radiopharmacy as part of the nuclear medicine department at the new Barts Heart Centre, part of St Bartholomew’s Hospital.  The Skanska team designed the radiopharmacy in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice guidance for clean room/manufacturing facilities.

The design has been developed in collaboration with the trust and end user head of radiopharmacy Dr Neil Hartman, who said: “The radiopharmacy enables a central London manufacturing facility to support many nuclear medicine departments with radiopharmaceuticals on a daily basis, while also providing scope for increased demand as need be.”

See the full report on page 4 of the October 2015 issue of RAD Magazine.

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