Wye Valley works with Philips to reduce backlog

Wye Valley NHS Trust and Royal Philips have finished a £2 million radiology service redevelopment programme. By significantly increasing imaging capacity and working with Philips through a managed services partnership, the trust has been able to reduce its diagnostic backlog caused by pressures from COVID-19, while also resuming normal service.

In response to an increasing demand for imaging services, including a 50-60 per cent rise in CT, Wye Valley NHS Trust and the Philips managed services team created solutions for new patient pathways and flow, while also guiding on replacing outdated rooms with remodelled layouts.

Philips Compressed Sense software installed on an MRI replacement played a significant role in enabling the trust to reduce its backlog. It has been able to scan at least an additional four patients a day, increasing its total through-put of patients by 10-15 per cent. These outcomes were part of an 11-year managed service partnership that Philips agreed with the trust in 2018.

Philips Ambient Experience
Implementation of new radiology equipment at Wye Valley NHS Trust has boosted patient throughput.

The redevelopment project was completed in stages to ensure continuity of service, with additional services being introduced, which included MRI and a dedicated interventional suite.

“During one of the most testing times for the NHS, Philips’ flexibility and willingness to work with the trust to fulfil our needs and benefit patients has been paramount,” commented trust general manager diagnostics Daniel Harding. “Philips rapidly replaced 60 per cent of the equipment inside the first two years of the partnership, which was vital for achieving our transformational milestones. It also brought in creative solutions to help us meet the immense demand for diagnostic services in a challenging COVID-19 environment.”

See the full report on page 9 of the November 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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