Zambian hospital receives donated anatomical markers

Deputy operations director at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Brigitte Kaviani has been working in collaboration with Zambian radiographers since 2017. There is limited healthcare provision in the country and a particular need for radiology equipment, accessories and services.

Kaviani works closely with Livingstone Central Hospital head of radiology Sydney Mulamfu and together they have helped educate radiographers with a library of books donated from the UK. As well as helping advance their radiology skills, the project also trains radiographers in basic first aid, so they can support their communities in emergencies.

Since anatomical markers and other medical devices are in short supply in the country, Kaviani has sourced hundreds of markers over the last few years and also helped supply crucial items of healthcare equipment.

Fujifilm recently donated 100 anatomical markers to the project, and Kaviani delivered them to Mulamfu and his students earlier this year.

Sydney Mulamfu.
Head of radiology at Livingstone Central Hospital Sydney Mulamfu.

“The response from the UK radiology community to this project has been wonderful,” she said. “Both radiology staff and UK companies have donated books, markers and equipment, but there is still a considerable need for further donations. I am very grateful to Fujifilm for its contribution – every donation makes a huge impact.”

Fujifilm modality business unit manager Steve Leatherland said: “We are delighted to have been able to help in a small way with the donation of anatomical markers for Zambia. We understand the desperate need in the country for healthcare equipment, and Fujifilm will be looking at how else we can support Zambian radiographers in the future.”

Lead picture: Students at Livingstone Central Hospital.

Published on page 6 of the October 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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