Ageing scanner replaced

Viewing Tameside’s new scanner are (from left) sonographers Alison Blackman and Janet Peacock, Toshiba clinical applications specialist Nicolette Sims, deputy radiology manager Paul Fish and sonographers Ruth Berry, Lynette Maidment and Shivani Lakhani.


When the time came to replace an ageing ultrasound machine, Tameside Hospital acquired at short notice a Xario 15 scanner from Toshiba.  As a premium-class ultrasound system with reduced footprint, the Xario 15 delivers features to promote operator comfort while streamlining workflow.


Its integrated data management system makes it easy for the operator to review, archive and share examinations and, with a wide range of networking and storage functions, Xario XG is said to integrate seamlessly into all clinical environments.


Deputy radiology service manager Paul Fish commented: “The new scanner complements our existing equipment and has allowed us to improve the quality of service delivered to patients.” 


A general purpose system, the Xario is to be used predominantly for gynaecology and renal scans.    


Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is located at the Tameside General Hospital in Ashton-under-Lyne.   Situated at the foot of the Pennines, eight miles to the east of Manchester, the trust serves a population of more than 250,000. 


See this report on page 4 of the June 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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