AI tools enable secure monetisation for medical imaging data

Enlitic is dedicated to data standardisation, anonymisation, and data monetisation for medical imaging data, bringing efficiency and insights to organisations. Enlitic stands at the forefront of transformative innovation, ready to redefine how medical image data is managed and utilised.

It starts with medical image data

Healthcare data is vast and messy. With the large amount of imaging data just sitting in an archive, the ability to use that data is a game changer. ENDEX serves as a catalyst for improvement in data management, efficiency, and monetisation within the healthcare enterprise.

Data standardisation for efficiency:

ENDEX ensures consistent, clinically relevant nomenclature for medical image data, impacting workflows across departments. With proven efficiency gains starting in the radiology department allowing for consistent hanging protocols and dictation reports, to improving routing and database building, ENDEX is the first step in a solid data management strategy.

Anonymisation for security and compliance:

With ENCOG, our advanced AI-powered anonymisation tool, PHI is safeguarded while retaining clinical relevance. Through computer vision and natural language processing, ENCOG differentiates PHI from essential clinical information.

Data monetisation opportunities:

ENDEX and ENCOG empower healthcare institutions to create valuable databases, monetisable for research, AI development, and education. Hospitals can also broker data to CROs or pharmaceutical organisations, opening new revenue streams.

A vision for the future

Enlitic envisions healthcare organizations thriving in digital transformation. ENDEX is not just a tool; it’s an enabler of progress, creating actionable insights from medical data.

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