Alliance Medical network allows sharing of expertise

Alliance Medical is once again supporting and sponsoring the BNMS Spring Meeting. As a leading independent provider of imaging services, the company says it combines customer service with technical and clinical excellence, as well as value for money.

“Our collaborative and innovative approach to imaging places patients, clinicians and NHS and independent providers at the heart of our COVID-secure services,” Alliance states. “Our network includes leading clinicians, NHS organisations and academic institutions that partner with us, enabling expertise and resources to be shared to deliver patient-centric service through four main channels.” These channels are:

  • Diagnostic imaging providing MRI, DEXA, CT, x-ray and ultrasound imaging;
  • Molecular imaging providing PETCT imaging;
  • Radiopharmacy producing radioactive tracers that are central to PETCT imaging; and
  • Research providing imaging capacity for local and national research.

Alliance Medical operates a national network of more than 50 MRI, CT and PETCT static imaging centres, the majority of which are integrated in local hospitals. In addition, it provides mobile medical imaging services to over 100 NHS and independent sector hospitals through a fleet of mobile scanners, and also operates an integrated national network of five radiopharmaceutical production facilities, supporting PETCT departments across the UK.

Since 2016, Alliance Medical has further developed its national PETCT imaging service on behalf of the NHS to include a collaborative research function that it says will see it eventually becoming the largest integrated provider of PETCT research facilities outside of the USA.

Published on page 18 of the April 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.  Visit our dedicated BNMS Spring Meeting conference page to find out more.

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