Allura installed at Birmingham

From left are superintendent radiographer Kay Lynam, senior radiographer Steve Lee, lead superintendent radiographer Jill Stanley, consultant radiologist Dr Suresh Babu, Philips Healthcare sales specialist Jenny Campbell, consultant radiologist Dr Mark Moss, divisional general manager – imaging Jackie Morton, deputy divisional general manager – imaging Tony Faulkner, Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust chair Roger Trotman, radiology sister Lin Holden, Philips md John Atwill and cardiovascular modality sales specialist Ruth Turner.  


City Hospital, Birmingham, has replaced an aged Philips vascular imaging system with company’s latest equipment for interventional radiology procedures, the Allura Xper FD20.


With a highly flexible flat detector system that can handle the full spectrum of interventional radiology procedures, the Allura opens the door to advanced interventions, including vascular and many more, all on the one system.


The hospital selected the FD20 for its image quality and from good experiences with the previous system. In particular, the staff like ‘position recall’ that gives the ability to reposition from 3D imaging in up to five positions – and also the flexibility to move the C-arm remotely rather than manually.


The system installed at City Hospital comes with an array of software packages. 3D roadmapping enables clinicians to see a 3D view of target vessels superimposed on live 2D images – fluoroscopy data sets – for live 3D catheter navigation during complex interventional treatment.   An in-room monitor shows the 3D roadmap while, in parallel, an x-ray monitor displays live fluoroscopy.


See the full report on page 7 of the April 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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