Art of Medicine visitors clamour for a repeat

Professor Paul Goddard, BIR president Dr Stuart Green, The Duke of Kent and Professor Iain Hutchison look at the paintings from the Saving Faces collection.


The popular “Art of Medicine” exhibition hosted by The British Institute of Radiology last month was attended by a wide range of visitors. Schools from the London area look part in a lively and interactive workshop hosted by junior scientists from the Oxford University based Accelerate! team who explained how particle accelerators work.


Demonstrations of the effect of liquid nitrogen on everyday objects and static electricity were extremely popular and there was no shortage of volunteers who were prepared to get their hands dirty for science.


Exhibition coordinator, controversial writer and retired radiologist, Professor Paul Goddard, remarked: “We are delighted that the schoolchildren and students all enjoyed the exhibition so much. People are clamouring for us to repeat the exhibition and even to take it around the country”.


One of the highlights of the week was a visit by the The Duke of Kent when artists had the opportunity to explain the inspiration behind their work. The Duke took the opportunity to practice taking blood from a vene puncture model provided by artist Margot Cooper. A very amusing collection of original cartoons from the Christ Beetles Gallery poked fun at the idiosyncrasies of working in the healthcare sector and dealing with often eccentric patients and administrators.


See the full report on page 8 of the April 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.


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