Care UK to provide osteoporosis facility

Care UK senior radiographers Jane Mekki, Jayne Mallender and Sue Parker, with clinical nurse specialist Kath Thompson and (behind) Vertec applications specialist Anne Coggins.


The NHS Rotherham Diagnostic Centre, housed within Rotherham Community Health Centre, is to be the first within Care UK to deliver a Dexa scanning service.


In January, Rotherham Osteoporosis and Bone Health service commenced a phased move to the centre, providing an opportunity for closer collaborative working between the independent provider Care UK and Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust.


The Dexa bone mineral density scanning element of the service is provided by Care UK with the consultant-provided/nurse-led clinics for the investigation and treatment of metabolic bone disorders, including complex osteoporosis cases provided by Rotherham’s clinicians.


See the full report on page 20 of the March 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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