D-Spect deal signed at SNM in Toronto

At SNM 2009 are Link Medical sales director John Ford, Cyclopharma director of research Serge Askienazi, Link Medical managing director Bob Kenny, Cyclopharma European sales manager for D-Spect Daniel Beulieu, Diagnostic Imaging director Peter Dobson and Cyclopharma ceo Bernard Salin.


At this year’s SNM in Toronto, Diagnostic Imaging Limited, together with Link Medical Limited, signed a UK and Ireland distribution agreement for D-Spect with Cyclopharma of France.


Cyclopharma has been appointed as the European ‘master distributor’ for D-Spect, by Spectrum Dynamics.


D-Spect is a revolutionary gamma camera based on cadmium zinc telluride solid state detectors. The system performance is described as “dramatically better than any sodium iodide crystal camera with improvements in resolution of x2, energy resolution x2 and sensitivity x10.”


See the full report on page 21 of the August 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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